You have questions? I have answers!

What happens after I sign up for the Weird & Wealthy Collective? Once you complete your payment, you’ll get an email with your login details to access the Weird & Wealthy Library along with a link to access our private Slack channel. (You’ll also get a link to schedule you’re intensive if you opted for that option!) Details for the Office Hours and Quarterly Planning Workshops will be in the membership site.  

You’ll work through the program materials at your own pace, hang out in the Slack group to get the support you need and meet other high-vibe money masters, and create the financial wealth you desire and lasting impact in the world as a fearless financier and all around creative goddess.  

Can I cancel my membership anytime? Yes, you’re free to come and go as you wish. However, you will be subject to whatever the current rates are. If you join before November 2018, you lock in your price at $44/month (increasing to $77/month), $397/year (increasing to $697/year). The $1,250 Financial Intensive currently comes with a free annual membership which will be changing to a 6-month membership on 1/1/2019.  

Can you tell me more about the 1:1 intensive with you? They’re flipping AMAZING! What else is there to know? Oh, you want to know what’s included and all? I gotcha. Just head on over to <<the page here>> with the low-down.  

Can I get a discount for bringing my friends? YES! All of your shiny, happy friends are welcome! Make sure they mention you as their referral when they sign up and you’ll get a free month for each new member you bring along. If you enrolled under the annual price or financial intensive options, you'll receive a refund of $33 per referral up to 10 referrals. 

I don’t identify as a woman but I’m digging this Weird & Wealthy Collective. Am I allowed access to your magical membership? All humans are welcome to join the Weird & Wealthy Collective. I default to speaking to the feminine because I can and I will. (Radical, I know!) As long as your behaviors and identities don’t oppress others in this group, you’re welcome to sit with us. (The same also goes for anyone who does identify as a woman.)  

Can you summarize what’s included? Reading the fine print isn’t one of my strengths. YET! 1. You get access to our virtual library of practical, mindful, and a little metaphysical personal finance content. 2. You get access to our private Slack channel which is a categorized discussion board for questions, wins, ideas, etc. for me and your peers. 3. Monthly Office Hours in my private Zoom channel. The time and date for these will be voted on and the recordings will be emailed out afterwards if you can’t make it live. 4. Quarterly financial planning workshops. Same logistics as the Office Hours.  

What if I don’t have enough time to dedicate to this work to make it worthwhile for me? We all make time for what we prioritize. If this isn’t your priority right now, that’s totally cool! You can join at any time (although the price will increase in October 2018). That being said, there IS a lot of material inside but you don’t have to go through everything at once. If you get inside and are totally overwhelmed, shoot me a message in the Slack channel and I’ll help you prioritize which program to start with first. Nothing in here is designed to take up more than two hours/week.  

Do you offer any refund or guarantees? No. You are free to cancel at any time if this membership is not your cup of tea. And I can’t offer any guarantees because I have zero control over your financial life or the random events of the Universe. However, if you provide evidence that you’ve put my methods into place (the financial strategies - not the crystal grids) and can show that they have not worked for you, I will hop on a call 30-minute call with you at no charge and troubleshoot with you.  

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